Goodness and health shake hands!

Biscottificio del Pasticciere is a company of small dimensions but with big goals. One of the main targets is that of growing maintaining, however, the characteristics of a
handicraft company, always therefore careful of the quality of production, able to work with seriousness, professionality and determination.

The wish for innovation and the search to satisfy a great possible number of requirements has always been our incentive: for this reason we try to propose one diversified range and variety of products, aware of the various necessities of our customers.


Approximately ten years ago Biscottificio del Pasticciere, taking advantage of the great experience of its owner in the confectionery field and the spirit that always distinguishes him, has decided to enter in the world of biological production.

Our completely 100% organic biscuits were produced therefore, guaranteeing and certifying Bioagricert our organism of control of the biological productions .

Raw materials

All the raw materials are rigorously selected. In particular every entry of a maize flour lot is rigorously analysed in order to guarantee the OGM absence. Particular attention is given to the sweetness: we use only cane sugar, while for the lines of biscuits without added sugar we prefer to use only maize malt deriving from a rigorous process of maltizzation.

Still, we work only with not hydrogenated fats, which together can guarantee the fragrance of the product in the time. All our products are subjected to periodical analysis in order to demonstrate the quality of the operator.

Consumer care

We have decided, moreover, to give particular attention to the allergies and food, problematic intolerances more and more diffuse in our days.

We propose in fact a series of biscuits of different tastes, made completely vegetables so they can satisfy all consumers who have some food problems but who however do not want to renounce the pleasure of good and genuine taste.


With an every day production of approximately 900 - 1000 kgs of biscuits, “Biscottificio del Pasticciere” is being organized to receive a always greater number of demands and
to therefore increase its productivity.

Modern production technologies are placed side by side with a rigorous and punctual one of self-control with Haccp method, in order to guarantee the right quality of our articles.